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Find the cat which is purrfect for you!

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Here is a 3 minute presentation on the upcoming free new version of Feline Finder version 5.0.

Have you ever wanted to adopt a cat? Or you've decided to adopt a cat but are unable to find a cat that you like? Or are you truly a cat person and want a personalized kitty for yourself? Feline Finder can help!

Here is a link to the beta version of the app for a prerelease look at the app.  Please review and tell me what you think in the comments box below.  Remember this is a mobile iOS app so please tap this link on an iPhone or iPad.  Thanks!!!

And here is the App Preview for Feline Finder Version 5

  1. Use the breed score board to narrow down the choices of cat breeds and find the ones which suit you.  

  2. Learn about the breed you are interested in through text and videos

  3. Read listings of cats that interest you near your area.

  4. If you don't find what you are looking for just save your search using the while your away option on the filter screen and we will continue to search for your cat once a day and notify you when we find matches.

Your PURRFECT feline friend is waiting for you!

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Green Eyed Cat

Why having a cat & adopting rescue cats is good for you -

#1 - A cute pet cat will give you company at all times. You can be assured that you'll never feel lonely when you have a cat that matches you and your personality.

#2 - It's good karma - many of the cats on Feline Finder are rescue cats which desperately need to be given care. They NEED you!

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1. Breed Score Board which dynamically helps narrow down the breed of cat to adopt.

2. Text, Videos, and Stats on all cat breeds.  For each type of breed, ​there is a video and description explaining histories, temperaments, pop culture references, and more.

3. Watch cute videos and pictures of the cats to find a PURRFECT match. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then imagine how many words a video is worth!

4. Keep track of your shortlisted cats with the 'favorites' list. Monitor their status to see if any of them are about to be adopted.

5. There are over 70 fields available to narrow your search - all free of charge. No strings attached.

6. When you find a cat you like, Feline Finder provides many ways to contact the rescue shelters so you can arrange a time to visit. When it is time to go to the shelter, Feline Finder provides driving directions if the shelter lists an address.

7. Feline Finder also offers numerous ways to share the cat's pictures and information with your friends and family. If you care about the cause help spread the word and share the cats with friends & family on social media. Who knows, another friend of your's can have the benefits of adopting a pet!

Features of Feline Finder


So, what are you waiting for? Download Feline Finder right now and adopt a pet cat.

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